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October 25, 2019
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The most beautiful words and sayings and judgment expressive and influential about life, success, love, friends, the future, and others for senior scientists will change the course of your life completely for the better and you can use it as messages for friends and relatives and cases for Facebook and WhatsApp to generalize the interest, including the following:Sayings, wisdom and words about life and success are beautiful from great philosophers and grandparentsAn application that contains sayings, wisdom, lessons, sayings and sayings of philosophers, advice and sayings of the great, proverbs in courage, words about love, expressions of separation, longing for sermons, and parables of people that you need to benefit and work with in your daily life to move forward towards the best daily wisdom, thoughts, admonition and pictorial sayings for you sayings in success famous sayings sayings Celebrities, pioneers and poets.Rulings and sayings in pictures that shake your resolve and strengthen your personality with our application words that will change your life and inevitably will benefit you in life the most beautiful expressive images of judgment and influential sayings.Sayings of success, famous sayings, sayings of celebrities, pioneers and poetry.Judgment and through wonderful application will change your life Free renewed application offers you designs of the most beautiful images of wisdom and sayings sayings of philosophers They said people of old time and wisdom about love and courage popular sayings and old sayings traditional sermons and expressed daily life Beautiful sayings and phrases words and influential words exciting sentence On pain, separation, longing and love.And more let you discover that ....Don't forget to download our other apps:On the day of his rule, whether in the Arabic language and the Moroccan dialect, as well as the Gulf dialect, and the rule in English and French as (funny Moroccan sayings, Algerian sayings, Moroccan proverbs ...) in order to learn from them and benefit everyone, and you can also share the application with your friends by downloading Or download a wonderful sad wisdom program and beautiful sayings or through sermons (Quranic, Islamic, Arab, golden, varied, wonderful Chinese, serious people of time) and sayings (Mathurah, expressive Ibn Taymiyyah, Nizar Qabbani, Omar bin Al-Khattab, holy parents, for the beloved, as you can also put a background for your device Whatever its type and type of Android it is, it is suitable for bridging GS models and copy Alandroedolbornamj Free Enjoy the most wonderful judgment Pictured and publish it through your account in any program you like can also be sent via Bluetooth images renewed every day with the most beautiful characteristic judgment pain in images renewed every day by languages ​​hearts and words of love and thoughts romantic painful.A free application that contains constantly renewed images and words that benefit you and a wonderful judgment. It also offers you congratulations on Friday, holidays and occasions through which you can easily share photos. You can also download and save photos. We hope you like it ..A free application that is easy to use, you can download and save photos and share them with family, loved ones and friends with ease. It contains sayings, wisdom, words, poems, and various and constantly renewing cards ...We hope you like it, do not forget the evaluation and thank youThe application will change the words of your life on the rule pictures, words, sayings and thoughts, and contains judgment and words about life, love and relationships as well as friendship very carefully selected and presented in the form of beautiful variety pictures without the net. This application also includes the most beautiful preaching, thoughts, and reproach sentences, as well as the sweetest judgment, tips and illustrated quotes. All of this we offer you exclusively to enjoy it and to help you understand life and improve your relationships with people and obtain wisdom great advice and sayings, a example of success and how to overcome difficulties and problems facing you and how to proceed towards achieving your goals.Now we put in your hands an application "words that will change your life" that will motivate you to achieve your goals and move towards a better future and a wonderful life, through quotations from great people who defy failure and achieved their goals and succeeded in life.Simple but useful and wise phrases useful words in life includes a set of judgment and sayings that have been taken from life as a term for a person to help him to go on with his life and how to live with people, how to get to know them only with their morals and daily behavior, also includes a judgment about love, sadness and study And progress in life, life taught me, taught me, days, the world taught me, words I love you for the beloved, a judgment about betrayal, a judgment about separation, a judgment from the reality of life and the experiences of others that contain a summary of the experiences of others through their daily life situations to benefit from them and benefit the other with them. In the application also the thoughts of Nizar Qabbani and Al-Mutanab’s poetry J and the phrases Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi and Mahmoud Darwish poetry.Do not forget the five-star rating to encourage us and thank you ...

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