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اقوال وحكم بالصور توقظ العقول


April 7, 2020
Last Release

Words and wisdom awaken minds contains the finest words and wonderful pictures carefully selected We provide your presence in the form of sayings and judgment pictures. This application also contains the most beautiful sentence and sentences of admonitions and very beautiful pictures and drawings all this and other put it in your hands exclusively to enlighten your vision and give you a dose of wisdom and pleasure mental and intellectual.In the application of words and wisdom awaken minds, you will find an increase on this rule enlightening minds and sweetest thoughts and also the best rule of example words, and the application allows you to share the application and rule wonderful with your friends and family through social media smoothlyWhen you open the application you can easily browse the referee and move from one image to another quickly and smoothly. We're honored to offer you the app's contents such as:Sad expressions and painful imagesWords that dazzle the mindsSpecial ThoughtsBeautiful ThoughtsExpressions shake emotionsThe phrase I likedWords have meaning

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