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اقوال وحكم بالصور تحرك الوجدان


April 7, 2020
Last Release

Sayings move conscience is an exclusive application includes a collection of sayings and the rule and sayings carefully selected we offer you in the form of beautiful images. Ttebqna even as well as the picture categories and jewelry ornaments and advice and sentences of reproach that illuminate the minds and shaking hearts and give you the juicer of wisdom and sound thinking in life and success and friendship.In our application of this sayings and the rule of images move minds you will also find beautiful and romantic poems pictures and words shaking sensations and the words of the wise. This application also enables you to share quotes and photos with your friends and relatives quite easily via social media or text messages as well. After opening the application you can navigate between images and browse smoothly. We are honored to let you discover the contents of our application such as:Sayings shaking conscienceThe phrase I likedRule boggling mindsThe most beautiful love morning and evening messagesBeautiful sayings about lifeRuling on mind-boggling

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