Download App Alarm Adzan Otomatis Muslim Indonesia 2020 : Toppa

Alarm Adzan Otomatis Muslim Indonesia 2020 : Toppa

PT Wibisana Digital Media

December 1, 2019
Last Release

🙏 السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ 🙏 I'm Toppa, the 2020 Prayer Times Reminder Application with Your Automatic Prayer Schedule and Azan 5 Time With Toppa you offer prayers, you can become more ON-TIME friends because of the sound of Ajan Topomet, and of course you can be reminded of it every day!Here are some features of the Toppa application:📖 (Al Quran Offline) Equipped with Indonesian and English with Murotal features, so you can recite wherever and whenever🎵 (Change Sounds of Azan for Personal Alarm) Changing the Azan alarm sound directly in the settings, you can adjust it to your favorite song, or even the Azan sound you have 😊💬 (Social Media for Moslem) Customize your profile and upload your profile photo when sending messages! Comments room for sharing opinions, Social Media for Sillahturahmi🧭 (Qibla Compass Direction) Qibla Direction with Qiblat Compass is simple and easy🙏 (Azan Schedule 5 Prayer Times) Prayer Schedule and Azan, breaking the fast and dawn also a reminder of the time for prayer that is equipped with a schedule Imsak (Imsakiyah)⏰ (Automatic Azan Alarm ) Indonesian automatic call to prayer that you don't need to set, everything works automatically ... for you 😉📰 (Daily Positive News to Read) The latest buslim portal with the latest daily Muslim news to freshen your faith, so it can also be an up-to-date Muslim media application🌙 (Tahajjud Alarm) Prayer alarm for Tahajud one third of the night so that your worship is more complete🌞 (Duha Salat Alarm) Duha Prayer Alarm as your afternoon introduction so that you will be more enthusiastic before moving on📅 (Islamic Calendar 2020-2021 Hijri) Indonesian Islamic calendar to know hijri calendarNow waiting time for your prayers is more exciting with Toppa, because you can wait while you have new friends until the call to prayer automatically sounds on your cellphone ..So what are you waiting for, download Toppa right now!

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