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September 1, 2019
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Minimalist wall shelves including home property today which is generally applied to minimalist homes.The existence of small shelves in several rooms, has functions that are quite diverse.Some are used for wall hangings or some items. Now, there are many and even many models of wall shelves that are modified by interior designers to make it look more attractive.Then, what is an attractive wall shelf design? Find the answer in the following description.Table of contents:Simple and Unique Minimalist Wall Shelf DesignList of Wall Rack PricesSimple and unique minimalist wall shelf design1. The sideboard floats as a shelfThere are many ways you can change the condition of the house to make it look spacious.One of them is by applying floating buffer as a shelf that can be placed in the family room.2. Double rack designThis one wooden wall shelf, the shelf design is open on both sides so you can see the room opposite, and vice versa.3. Versatile rack designThis versatile shelf, is used as a storage area as well as decorative elements for the room.When equipped with lights on the back, this rack's artistic shape will be the center of attention.4. Rackless door designThe doorless shelf design is very practical because it can make it easier for homeowners to save and search for items as needed.5. Combination of shelves with other furnitureMixing shelves with other furniture will make it look more attractive.For example, wall shelves are for TV and other objects.6. High shelfBefore you make a design like this, you need to know if a shelf like this can't stand the load of the rack because it doesn't have a shelf leg.7. Give textureYou can make a shelf like this according to taste.Just take advantage of sanded pieces of wood, so that the surface is smooth and shows exotic wood fiber patterns.8. Color designPaste wall shelves also need to pay attention to color.This rack design, not only utilizes the available space but also harmonizes color usage.You can make the top layer of the rack in the same color as the steps above so that there is a connection.

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