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Kardia+ Deep Breathing Relaxation


January 19, 2019
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Do you feel stressed, anxious or unfocused ? Do you have trouble sleeping ? A simple paced breathing exercise can help you calm down in a few minutes.Let Kardia+ guide your breath with sounds and the smooth movement of the sphere. Feel your body and mind relax, and your heart rate vary in harmony with your breath. This powerful and simple exercise is accessible to everyone, including kids.Uses- Stress relief- Calm down anxiety attacks - Cardiac coherence- Sleep aid: fight insomnia by focusing on slow breathing- Deep relaxation- Meditation sessions and sophrology exercises- Concentration improvementFeatures- Exercise duration between 1 minute and 1 hour.- Use it without looking at the screen thanks to a large choice of high quality relaxing sound sets- Use it with your device in your pocket thanks the vibration option- Full screen display allows you to follow the exercise simply with the light projected by your device into your room- Breathing rate between 1 and 15 cycles/min with inhalation/exhalation ratio - Automatically slow down or speed up breathing rate during the session- Advanced mode, with 0.1s precision on inhalation and exhalation durations- No adsKardia+ offers the same features as our free app (Kardia) with its in-app purchase.HRV, paced breathing and cardiac coherenceWith Kardia+, you can practice heart rate variability (HRV) training through paced breathing. By breathing at a specific rate, around 5.5 cycles/min, your HRV increases and becomes regular. This state is known as cardiac coherence, or cardio-respiratory coherence. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that it has beneficial effects on stress and anxiety level, blood pressure, depression and sleep.The best breathing rate is different for everyone. With Kardia, you can set very precisely the exercise frequency, so you will just need a few tries to find out the value that gives you the best results.

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