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Yoga Mudras - Asanas of Yoga

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August 6, 2019
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Yoga Mudras app assist you to perform Yoga that improve your mental health, Physical health as well as spiritual health.App features:• In this Yoga Mudras application, you can access more than 50 important Yoga Mudras, their benefits, specialties, steps to do descriptions, beneficial body parts etc.,• Increase flexibility to boost your performance.• Leave the stress and focus on positive energy.• Balance the body while focusing the mind.• Collection of sounds and melodies to create unlimited ambiances and atmosphere, stress & anxiety relief.• User can pick timer as well as melody music to do Yoga.• In Yoga Mudras you can set your practice duration as you want.•In Yoga Mudras displays body parts wise yoga to make your body parts benefits of particular asana.🔥Benefits of YogaMudras and Meditation:• Boost the immune system, keep fit and healthy,• Lose weight and build muscle strength in a peaceful environment• Improve your flexibility, keep your spine and bone health• Increase your blood flow, relieve the body of fatigue• Relax your nerve system, maintain a peaceful mind, help you sleep deeperYoga Mudras (or Yoga Postures): Different yoga postures with their steps, benefits and precautions.Fitness is the key to lead a healthy life. Breathing exercises helps in maintaining the fitness of our body by increasing the blood circulation in the entire body by opening the blocked channels of our body.Every part of our body is affected by breathing. Breathing oxygenates our body, revitalize the organs and plays the substantial role in maintaining our body fitness. So dysfunctional breathing is one of the major reasons that results in various health related issues so breathing exercise helps one to breathe efficiently and properly so as to keep the body functions in order

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