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January 21, 2019
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"The test of any civilisation or society is based on the amount & quality of care that it provides to its most weakest members, those who need it most. "Pregnant mothers and children <5 years are the most vulnerable segment of the society. Former gives birth to life to continue progeny. While latter is the future. But, Do we give due respect & care to either of them. The biggest irony - we spend our most of the money, time & other resources on other less important things than health.World wide Governments are working hard to reduce the Maternal/ Child deaths. But, still we are far from our health targets. We cannot achieve our targets just by directing our resources, until we bring awareness about how to utilise them efficiently.If we want to make pregnancy, birthing & childcare safe, we have to educate & sensitise the mothers, family & entire society towards pregnancy to join hands. Thy, Mothers are the creators of life..."Happy Pregnancy" mobile app is an Initiative to provide the scientific & useful information on Pregnancy and Childcare in simplified, easy to understand languagein both Hindi/ English, adorned with well illustrated photos/videos so as to make every pregnancy a safe & happy experience and reduce Maternal/ child deaths.It is real time interactive app, where the Mothers can ask a query & put up their problems. They would be replied asap after proper research.The information is classified under following subheadings for the ease of understanding.1. Know your Pregnancy-It contains information on Female anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy. Kindly read, "Why do human beings need support for delivery, whereas animals do not?"2. Proper Antenatal Care-It addresses all the aspects of ideal pregnancy care including diet, exercise, sex, bedrest, travel, personal hygeine, need of regular antenatal check ups and ultrasonography etc.3. Common Problems in Pregnancy-Pregnant mothers often suffer from nausea, vomiting, hyperacidity, breathlessness, emotional disturbances, genital infections, sleep disorders etc. This section provides scientific information on same and suggest simple measures to cope up with them.4. Diseases in Pregnancy-Pregnancy may be complicated by many diseases like Hypertension, Eclampsia, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Thyroid disorders, PCOD, Heart disease etc that may be fatal to both Mother and Child. This section enlightens about most major illnesses to simplify their care.5. Birthing/ Delivery-The toughest journey of life is that 10 cm the baby travels during the process of birthing while coming into this world. This section try to explain the process of birthing/ cesarean delivery in simple easy to understand language with illustrative videos. 6. Facts & Beliefs in Pregnancy-Many myths & conceptions related to pregnancy prevail in society. Some holds still valid, whereas others need to be abonden. This section covers most of them in Indian context with proper explanation.7. Newborn & Child care-Newborn care is a herculean task. How & how much to feed, how to bathe, massage & help them sleep. When baby is persistently crying, getting irritable or holding breath, it can drive any parent go crazy.Seemingly little mistakes may cost a lot when they harm or injure the baby.The information would help the mothers to take care of their baby in best possible ways.8. Miscellaneous-It covers many topics that are equally important in pregnancy.It also contains Public Forum, where all the members can interact and share their memories.The pregnancy and vaccination alerts will keep you connected and well informed.Pregnancy is a miracle. Let us join hands to make every pregnancy and childcare a safe and happy experience. Let us strive hard to reduce the maternal and child deaths. Let us come together to make this world the best and loveliest place to live in.Kindly download & if you feel worth sharing, kindly do it. It may be a small but significant contribution.

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