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June 27, 2017
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Hello to the application of this new and elaborate design and wonderful that Sabhrkm content that we put in it, and unique for you and for Tzlatkm.Madam Sir:He applied the Arabs funny jokes.Application of Arab jokes funny will help you a lot in the time of signature is very entertaining with stories and novels and Arab jokes funny.Madam Sir:New application and exclusive, very beautiful, and easy to use.You can use even in the absence of the Internet.Easy to read content without Internet- Application Content:JokesHappineseLaughterArab JokesFantastic JokesInteresting short storiesSecrets of old storiesNew interesting storiesInteresting stories of famousInteresting stories for adultsInteresting stories for youngSecrets of famous fairy talesTales of the wonders and fascinating mysteriesSecrets of science and cultureAnd a lot of features you'll explain in case the application loaded on your device and enjoy the unique features in it.----------- ----------- groupWe are a group of young Arabs are trying to make the Arabic content of smart applications useful applications for jamming the Arab user and written Arabic interfaces.In light of the terrible spread of the revolution of smart phones among the people, and competing companies and programmers to provide leading services and applications and try to control a large share in the smart applications market, it was necessary for us to provide modern applications keep pace with the requirements of users, to ask ourselves as young Arabs in this digital incredible world, Try us to put the Arab programmed into a good place among the great international companies, and most importantly, meet the Arab user requirements, applications needed in his daily life.To make sure the reader of these lines that we are committed in a group of the Arab user service, is fully introduced free applications to him, that we are in your hands and our applications before you and you application evaluated according to what you deem appropriate in light of these huge stores teeming with applications, Vtakimkm us motivates us best for you to offer and have our place in this busy applications store.Stories Stranger than fiction, Juha stories, children's stories, Moroccan stories Baldarjh, horror stories, general culture, said people Zaman, Egyptian jokes, the rule and the likes, the rule and the likes and through, greats and celebrities, horror stories, the story of Feltghafri, Qsss prophets, Thiker morning and evening , prayers Faraj, prayer oppressed, prayer fasting, Q & A, all the positions of philosophers, masterpieces of Nizar Qabbani,

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