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March 30, 2020
Last Release

Shop wherever you want, at a very good price. With the Coops app, you buy the food with a pressure and bring it straight to the door to suit your needs. Take advantage of current offers and choose from a wide range of sustainable products from Sweden's greenest food chain.In the app you can:• Shop food directly home to the door.• Find thousands of inspirational recipes.• Take advantage of current offers and promotions.• See discounts and points offers for Coop members.• Add recurring orders for goods you always want at home.Advantages of shopping in the Coop app:• Free shipping on first order and for purchase over 2,000 kr.• Home delivery 7 days a week. *• Same low price as at Stora Coop.• Score on all purchases as Coop member.• Fresh food and delivery guarantee.We ship to a large part of Sweden - download the app to see the options where you live. * Weekend deliveries currently only apply to customers in the Stockholm area.

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