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March 17, 2020
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The best and best recipes app in Israel with more than 6,000 recipes from different categories such as meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and more. The application, from the veteran FoodDictionary website, has been in place since 2009 and is intended to serve as a home for anyone interested in cooking and baking, with the help of cooking, baking and making tasty and original meals. We are especially proud to have discovered the secret to a successful application: combining high-quality, valuable content with a good, convenient and simple user experience (UX) without burdening burdensome advertisements. So what do we have in the app?A huge selection of recipes: In the app you can find the recipes by using the search button of course (top left), categories by recipe type (eg children's recipes, pie recipes, sweet recipes / desserts, vegan recipes, healthy recipes, diet recipes, recipes Chocolate, cake recipes, etc.) and lots of other flavors that we are sure will suit what you are looking for (eg easy recipes, quick recipes, orange soups, cheesecakes, bulgur salads, gourmet recipes, salmon recipes and more).Short and light video tutorials: A large selection of short instructional videos that accompany recipes. The best way to learn to cook and bake is by watching the video! Nutritional values ​​of recipes: Each recipe is accompanied by nutritional value per serving or 100 grams (nutritional data about calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats). If you want a full nutritional label for vitamins, minerals and more - you can click on the gray triangle next to the nutritional values ​​and you will have the option to choose "full nutritional values" for the recipe. Concept meals: A complete category in the app that concentrates a huge selection of meals that fit certain concepts such as the concept of a dairy event, the concept of a kiddush meal, a pampering concept, a friends dinner concept, a picnic concept and more. A user experience that has never been seen in other applications in Israel: The data is presented in a clean, hierarchical and clear manner. The app navigation is clear and understandable. You can manage your favorite recipes in a Favorites folder in a very easy way: any recipe you like - just click the heart-shaped icon and it will enter your favorites list. From the top right you can find the "hamburger" markup, where you can find the app's settings, share the app (we'll be happy), set the alerts you want to receive and a few nice features you can use . Important and useful: In Settings, you can set up to keep a lighted screen of their device while you are on a recipe page in the app. That is, you have entered a recipe that you want to prepare - just vertically set up your machine and you can prepare the whole recipe without the screen going off in the middle (: Advanced filtering options for recipes: You can filter your search results by category, kosher, no preservatives / food coloring, preparation method and more. Regular updates and recipes for users of the application: You can set up the application for PUSH updates on a variety of recipes, such as vegetarian food, video recipes, gluten free recipes and more. In addition, we occasionally upload exclusive app recipes (those that do not appear on the FoodsDictionary website, so it's worth downloading the app and updating! Scanning a product barcode for recipes to prepare: A nice feature we added to the application is the ability to scan a barcode of a particular food product and receive all the recipes that are used with that particular product. Very suitable if you have a certain product in the house you do not know what to prepare with it ... So just scan his bar code and get recommendations for recipes! We did our best to make you have a recipe app that is a home, one that brings together everything you need to keep up to date with all the recipes that are the best, the lightest and the most delicious. We hope you will love it and make great use of it. We will be very happy if you upgrade the 5-star application with a written recommendation to other users (we are proud of the high ranking of the application from the beginning of its launch), and most important: we are here with an attentive ear to further improve the application, For comments, recommendations and suggestions for improvement.The app is available for you to download for free. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and go to the kitchen (:We'd love to hear from you and get feedback,Food Team Recipes.

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