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October 9, 2019
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The sponge cake 🥞 is one of the most popular baking recipes. A homemade cake serves us both for a daily snack and as a base to make the richest birthday cake in the world.In homemade biscuits 🍮 we have all the sponge cake recipes you are looking for: the classic Genoese sponge cake 😋, the chocolate sponge cake 🎂, orange 🍊 or lemon 🍋, the easy yogurt sponge cake recipe…How to make a sponge cakeWhether you're making a sponge cake 🍞 easy or if you make any other recipe that includes more ingredients, it is essential to make a sponge cake if you want it to be a success. 👪 Do you know how to get a very spongy cake…?In our recipes we give you all the tricks, however write down some basics: Preheat the oven, it is essential that the temperature throughout the baking is constant, so you should also avoid opening the door ahead of time. Another tip is to previously introduce a pot with water in the oven, which will help make the sponge cake spongy. 👍Sponge cake, the easiest recipe.There are many sponge cake recipes, but if you ask us which one is the simplest, we 🍰 surely opt for the yogurt sponge cake.Its measurements are made with the same glass of yogurt, and probably because of this it does not usually fail, resulting in a sponge cake and with a delicious flavor, ideal for beginners in the kitchen. Do not miss our recipe, you will see how easy it is ...What is the best cake to make cakes?We can't really say it, because of doctors' tastes and colors they don't think ...Every person, every family, every city, etc. It has its preferences; So what we deliver to you today is a compendium of the best biscuits, from all latitudes for you to choose, which one to prepare.Better, we give you an idea: Prepare everyone from afternoon to afternoon and taste with🧒🏼 friends, neighbors😊, family👪, etc.They will be the judges, and then you send us the qualification.If you liked this update of the Application "Biscuits 🎂caseros", let us know your answer.We remind you that this application is compatible with all android devices📱 and can be used even if you don't have internet📱, once downloaded.We update the application "Homemade biscuits" to meet the demand of our friends and users.We publish new and delicious recipes.Do not stay without preparing the new recipes, they are fantastic.Leave us a comment and your rating, to keep improving.thanks for your preference.We areNefertiti 218Bon appetitenefertiti_218

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