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LED Flashlight HD + SOS

Richard Stranberg

February 25, 2017
Last Release

LED Flashlight HD plus SOS is the coolest flashlight app on the market. Use it to find your keys or light up the hallway when returning home. Why use this Droid light app when there are so many others out there?- It is one of the Brightest and most powerful light possible- Flashlight becomes active by pressing only one button after launching the app- Has SOS feature (International Morse Code Distress Signal)- Button for turning on the Flashlight for only 60 seconds- Integrated Battery Monitor with shaded and numeric indicator that tells exactly how much battery power you have leftThis app is compatible with most devices including those where other apps won't work. These include the Motorola Droid X series of phones and the Samsung galaxy series of phones.Try It! It's the best one out there!Clicking Sound provided by freeSFX,

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