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June 7, 2019
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Crying is one of the most basic human emotional expressions. While people do in fact sometimes cry for joy, more often crying is an intense expression of sadness, loss, grief, fear or depression. But this doesn't make crying always a bad thing! Sometimes you just need a good cry to release those feelings! Don't be ashamed, let your emotions free! Hearing the sound of another person crying is one of the most basic ways to trigger human empathy.Just as everyone laughs a little bit differently, each person also sounds a bit different when they cry. Some people wail, some sniffle, some sob loudly and others let the tears fall from their eyes in silence. And babies exhibit many different types of cries - from a distressed cry of hunger to loud screaming cries of frustration when mom and dad leave.This app exhibits many types of crying sounds. Do some of these sounds speak to you more than others? Use these crying sounds to trigger empathy or emotional release, or use them as special effects for a dramatic home performance!

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