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June 6, 2019
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Ding-dong! Fill your ears with the sweet sound of bells ringing!Bells are an everyday sound, though we may not even realize how common non-instrumental bells really are! Church bells, school bells and clock tower bells sound out through our communities helping us keep time and announcing when we are running late. Other types of bells, such as the ding of a bicycle bell or the tinkle of sleigh bells in the winter can be heard on the streets, an idyllic reminder of simpler times before fast cars and noisy horns. But bells don't stop there - many more unique bells add their voice to the soundtrack of our lives every day! Arriving at the front desk of a hotel or business, you may ring a bell for service, just as guests at your home ring the doorbell to announce their arrival. In port cities, ship bells may be heard keeping sailors on a tight schedule throughout the day. Monotonous cowbells can be heard not only in pastures but featured in music and comedy. What other bell sounds do YOU hear in your daily routine?From a melodic ring-a-ling-ding to a harsh alarm bell, here you’ll find bell sounds of all tones and types!

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