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October 27, 2015
Last Release

Whether you need to let off some steam or scare the pants off your friends and family, Scream Noises has got the perfect sound for you! With the ultimate collection of yells, screams, shrieks, squeals, and whatever else you can think of! Scream Noises brings the hair raising, spine tingling in a big way! Prank your friends and family with an ear piercing scream or let off some steam at work with a maniacal shriek! Whatever your needs may be Scream Noises has the sound for you!Scream Noises brings together the best collection of screaming sounds that will give you goose bumps! If you are looking for a real sounds scream sound effect or scream sound, then look no further than Scream Noises. We have more than one scary scream sound to choose from that is sure to frighten anyone and everyone. If a woman screaming sound effect is what you are after, then Scream Noises has just the yells, screams, and wails to fit your needs! How about a positively terrifying man screaming sound effect? We have that too! A girl screaming sound effect? Yep that too. Scream Noises has the best sound effects library filled with the best screams on the planet! This app provides a wide variety of scary sounds that will also double as funny sounds when you scare the pants off your friends and family! Scream Noises brings you the best collection of free sound effects.Looking for a couple scary screams sounds to prank your friends? Let Scream Noises provide you with a horror scream sound effect or a hair raising cat scream sound effect. This app provides a library of truly weird sounds that will make the hairs on your neck stand up. If you have been searching for high quality horror sound effects, then look no further than the Scream Noises app! Scream Noises provides the best scream sound bites that you will love using to scare everyone over and over again! Forget a baby crying sound, why not annoy your friends with a baby screaming at the top of it’s lungs? Scream Noises is the best variety of annoying sound effects your friends and family will despise. Let the fun begin with Scream Noises!

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