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April 8, 2020
Last Release

This mobile app JTBC fill fun without tedious hours of colorful fun has a new look with JTBC NOW. The main functions provided are as follows:[main function]1. LIVE: rich, real-time viewing channels to choose according to tasteJTBC you can watch for free real-time on-air with a variety of thematic channels live.2. VOD: JTBC back view of this broadcast serviceNewest, program-specific and can be watched again the video view, conveniently in continuous play feature allows you to view multiple pieces then.3. CLIP: Scenes from real-time video clip from behindThe seongonggae, such scenes, making presentations, making video provides a vivid visual field.4. TV CLIPS: providing video highlights of the various broadcastersVideo clips of the major terrestrial and cable broadcasting of major entertainment, drama, current affairs programs, liberal views in JTBC NOW.5. Search for: Search the name of the program, you can watch all the video programs and a OLD program currently being broadcast.Added a size adjustable pop-up player features: 6. Pop-up player. Watching a video, you can use other apps. Watching a video, you can view different content.However, TV CLIPS You can not use the pop-up menu in the player.[App Restrictions Settings Guide]In accordance with the provisions of Article 22 March 2017 Information Network Act in force from 23 February (agreement on access rights) to use only the necessary items JTBC TV app service is getting the required permission.- essential access;- WIFI connection information: Check Wi-Fi network connection information- Device ID: id check phone status and push notifications sent- Storage: Internal memory contents modify / delete, external memory can be read- Pop-up system permissions: System pop-up message We continue to use a lot of sludge is expected to update various functions. JTBC website>[Customer Information Center;Email: [email protected]: 02-751-6000

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