Download App Jewels Masters: Free Jewels Simulator and Tips

Jewels Masters: Free Jewels Simulator and Tips

Indie Valley

September 4, 2019
Last Release

🔮Jewels Masters is an unofficial app that guides you through the Pokémn Master game more quickly, and includes detailed information on the entire list of coaches, as well as a jewelry simulator to check which coaches would have come out if you had chosen to spend 3000 jewels.Multi-language support:English GermanSpanish FrenchAmong others🎁Features 🎁Use the search button to easily simulate the trainer that would appear to you and his Pokemon, as well as the tier list to which it belongs. Want to check how many 5-star trainers would appear to you spending 3000 jewels? So this is your app-Filter Pokémon by game version, generation, and/or type to focus your results!🦄Sync Pair List Complete!You will also be able to see the complete sync pair list and learn that Pokemon goes with each different trainer. 🦏Pkm Masters Beginners Guide As the main attraction of the Pokemn Master, there are two ways to unlock the coaches and their Pokémon, which is known as Synchronous Pairs in the game. The first is to unlock them through history, while other trainers will have to be explored.Check out the full pair of Synchronization Pairs in our app!🍉Item ListIn the near future we will add all the complete list of items and their different rarities so that you can learn much more about this fascinating game. 💥List of movements Explore the game's extensive list of moves and check both its potential and its type to build a team that is among the best! ✅Beginner's Guide In short, we want to turn this app into an app that serves as a guide for beginners and advanced, ie for anyone who wants to enter this world as competitive and exciting as is the Pkm masters, we welcome you, coaches. ▶️ PokédexSoon we will include a complete Pokédex that includes detailed information about each of the Pokémon that appear in this game.We hope you enjoy this fan app.--* Disclaimer *Jewels Masters is a free unofficial app made by fans, and this app is not related to any company.For more information you can consult the privacy policy that we have available for this purpose.If you have any doubt, complaint or suggestion you can send it to us through the email you have available.

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