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Language Learning Flashcards: ENGLISH LINDUO


May 27, 2019
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English LinDuo is more than just a flashcards app:* Flashcards in each lesson are presented in smart learning techniques to help you remember words quickly.* Beautiful flashcards along with native voice speaker are good way to practice English listening skills.* You will practice English word spelling with specially designed writing mode, similar to word games.* All 80 topic-based lessons in English LinDuo was and will be FREE forever!ADVANTAGES OF OUR APPLICATION:* offline - does not require internet connection* male or female pronunciation of each word* transcription of each word with English or native alphabet* lessons with favorite, difficult, old or random words* detailed stats for each English word* control narrator's, music's or special effects' volume* method requires just 10-15 minutes of your time dailyWHAT MOTIVATORS WE CAN OFFER YOU:* True or False word game will help you master your vocabulary and turn language learning into fun.* User TOP per skill and per lesson will make you competing with others and monitor your progress.* Unlock different achievements to get power ups and bonuses, which later can simplify passing of exam =)Unlike other companies, we are Students who did app for Students! Since we use our app ourselves, we can see what should be improved or what new feature should be added.If you have any suggestion how we can improve our app, please never hesitate to contact us [email protected] or leave it in reviews. We will check each and every message carefully!

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