Download Game Street Food - Make Hot Dog & French Fries

Street Food - Make Hot Dog & French Fries

Kids Crazy Games Media

September 20, 2019
Last Release

A street fair is a perfect place to experience street food. Street Food Maker has arrived with your favorite Street Foods in the new year!Make These Fun Fantastic Foods:*Hot Dogs!*French Fries!Enjoy the yummy foods with your family and friends.Hot Dog• Create your hot dog or sausage from scratch• Pick your hot dog filling• Have fun cooking over the kitchen tools• Drag the hot dog into the pan and start cooking, don't forget to flip on time• Choose from tons of toppings to create your own hot dogFrench Fries• Wash your potatoes and peel potatoes with knife.• Cut the potatoes into chips. Do not cut your fingers.• Drag to pour your fries in the oil and watch as the hot oil sizzles, bubbles and deep fries them to a golden brown.• Scoop them out with a sieve.• Choose your own french fries box.• Add Dipping Sauce:Salt, Ketchup, Chili, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Malt Vin• Do not forget all the toppings and other snacks you will like.

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