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Jade Autism

January 2, 2020
Last Release

• Used by over 62.000 children, used by institutions such as APAE (Brazilian health institution) to complement their regular therapy with their patients.• Includes images that are part of children's daily life, offering over 344 exercises.Jade is a platform for children and adolescents with autism, developmental delay or learning disabilities. The app includes interactive and intelligent tasks designed to stimulate the visual performance, attention, user response and mathematical logical thinking of children interacting with the game, following the natural flow of learning, respecting the pace and individuality of each game person.With the collection of data and graphs automatically generated by the application, therapists have more convenience and agility when analyzing the responses of learners, enabling new measures to be taken from the data analysis, which in fact contributes to the overall development also for the optimization of the therapist's working time.SCIENCE BEHIND THE PROJECT:The science behind JADE comes from the technologies produced by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), currently considered to have the most scientific production and the strongest evidence for treating autism.The most commonly used principles in JADE were “Model Matching” through discrete trial (DTT).All workouts gradually increase the difficulty level, allowing the child to identify identical relationships and arbitrary relationships between stimuli. This learning is necessary for the development process, literacy and even for the daily routines of any patient.To view the latest research publications• Simple touch mechanism, making it easier for the child to understand.• Has different thematic fields separated by categories: Food, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Letters and Numbers, allowing children to learn while having fun.• Simple and objective interfaces, but with a playful touch to delight any child.• No ads. Jade is a completely safe environment for children — there is no way for an outside group to contact your child.• Developed with the help and monitoring of specialized professionals and scientific background.Privacy policy -

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