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My Monster Town - Playhouse Games for Kids

IDZ Digital Private Limited

June 27, 2019
Last Release

Enter the weird world of monsters and play in their monster house! In this monster home, you will find tons of funny and strange things to play with! Spend endless hours having fun in this monster dollhouse.Play with all of the strange looking monsters and be entertained! Explore the whole monster playhome, kitchen, restaurant and the super wacky playground. Are the monsters feeling hungry? Don't worry! There's lots to eat like fruits, veggies, desserts, meat and more! Tap on everything you see and move objects around. Look for hidden surprises and unveil all them in this monster play home. If you love halloween, then this monster family home is perfect for you!Features:👻 Explore and play pretend in 3 big monster playhomes 👻 11 weird and wacky monsters to play with!👻 Have a picnic on the playground packed with fun stuff!👻 Lots of surprises to make kids giggle with joy👻 Completely Ad-free!Check out all the rooms and the entire playground right away. Create your own story and boost imagination! It's time to get spooooky. 👻 Download now! 😄

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