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April 6, 2020
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The "Take Driver's License" app gives you all the tools to pass the B-license theory test on the first try. Through clear guidance and tests that automatically adapt to your knowledge level, you will learn everything you need to pass the exam at the Swedish Transport Administration.ALLINCLUSIVESkipping boring books and expensive lessons. The app contains everything you need to pass the exam at the Swedish Transport Administration. Plug on the bus, flight or at home on the couch. Plug whenever you want and on your terms.GRADUALLYIn short easy steps you will go through the whole theory book, hundreds of theory questions and all road signs.AUDIO BOOK & MOVIESOver 80 movie clips, recorded with traffic teachers, help you with both theory and driving. The entire theory book is read as an audio book.SAMPLEYou can when you want to test your knowledge with one of our many different tests, which are designed as the real knowledge test at the Swedish Transport Administration.QUIZ & TOP LISTChallenge a friend and see who is the best at driver license theory. Try to set a record and get in the top list of the best in Sweden.SATISFIED USERS26,000 reviews from over a million satisfied users. The app is created in collaboration with and recommended by traffic schools around Sweden.SECURE SOURCESThe app is updated and improved every month. Driving license theory is derived from secure sources such as the Swedish Transport Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Police, the MHF and NTF.Good luck with the driver's license!

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