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February 13, 2019
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• UNIQUE! All in one app - all theory and everything from driving school• MOVIE GAMES QUESTIONS All theory from those who wrote the book!• 700 driving schools are connected to STR - plan everything in the app!The whole trip to a driver's license in a single app• The official app from STR• 160,000 users in 2017• Try free, full version through your driving school's e-commerce• Find the nearest and best driving school directly in the app• Customize your own route to the driver's license• 1,500 questions for car, motorcycle and moped• About 170 films and about 170 interactive exercises• Over 700 affiliated driving schools• Over 2,500 connected traffic teachers• Ask questions and get tips during your trip to your driver's license The complete app with everything for your entire journey against driving licenses for cars, mc and driver's license for mopeds. With a Driving License now with the Student Center you get full control of every step in your driving education. From the theory section with all content from the theory book to finding a driving school, planning your own private driving, booking driving lessons and getting tips and having a dialogue with your driving instructor on how to prepare for each driving lesson. It gives you great opportunities to get your driver's license as quickly as possible - tailor-made for you.Watch movies, do tests and work with theory questions directly from those who have written the driving schools theory book for driving licenses. The app seamlessly connects you to the traffic school you choose to buy services from. Once the connection is made you can easily book lessons and everything else you need directly in the app.• Do the end test as many times as you want• The app keeps track of what you have managed and how far you have come, both in theory and in driving. With the app you get everything you need directly from STR. STR produces the theory book that the traffic schools have and further educates Sweden's traffic teachers. It makes Driving License now with the Student Center quite unique, nowhere else do you get STR's tried and tested pedagogy directly in an app. • 1,500 questions for driving license for car, motorcycle and moped, including moped class 2• Plug in the best possible theory, from those who have written the theory book• Total control• See all statistics on how you are developing• Do the end test as many times as you want  Here's what you get with the app:• Fun and fast learning• All in one - theory and driving planning• STR's all 1,500 questions for car, motorcycle and moped• Everything about Sweden's all 345 road signs• Checklist of everything you need to do to get your driver's license• Official app with STR's pedagogy• Everything from the theory book and much more• Audio support for everything in the app, including all theory• Quick tests with clear answers to each question• Driving license fight! Compete with your friends• Final test developed by STR to mimic the write-up as close as possible• Do the end test as many times as you want• Do your own custom tests with any number of questions and at any time• Practice questions you have selected in previous tests• Practice questions that you answered incorrectly• Practice road signs• Practice on optional steps• Follow your own development in every step• Statistics on how you develop• Self-evaluation of moments in your driving• Plug in with about 170 movies and about 170 interactive exercises• Zoomable images• Choose from 700 approved traffic schools• Easily buy driver's license packages at any traffic school• Forums to ask questions and get tips• Educational photo series simply explains complicated moments• All contact information for the traffic school in one place• Customized for Iphone, Ipad and Android Easy to use. You can already start working on your driver's license or driver's license today, and you can clearly see where you are right now in your education.Find the right traffic school, get all the information about the school and its education and what others who have educated there have thought. Everything directly in the app.Plan and manage your entire trip with the educational plan and booking calendar.Book and cancel driving times directly in the app.Read other people's questions and ask their own questions to traffic teachers and others in the forum.Get feedback on your driving lessons right in the app, and plan your upcoming lessons with your driving instructor.

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