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March 30, 2019
Last Release

This is the app for those who want to learn more about Sweden's wild flora. The app is completely free and advertising-free, which it will always be.You can easily filter which plants and flowers to show depending on where you live in the country, when in the year the plant blooms, the color of the flower and which family / category the plant belongs to. You can then sort the list by the height of the plants to more easily identify the plant you are looking for. For each plant you have the opportunity to add your own comment / experience.The description for each plant is editable and you can thus help to make the app even better.The app is designed to work without the internet. The Internet is required to be able to edit the plant's description and to obtain the latest version of the plant database which is updated periodically.There are more than 500 plants with illustrative images in this app. Only the most common plants in Sweden are found in this app.Since version 1.09 there is also quiz. There you can train on different categories, families or create your own lists to train on. And from version 1.16 you can practice on all the landscape flowers that are in this elongated country.

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