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November 5, 2018
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It is easy to learn Swedish!Here you will find dictionaries in twenty minority:Albania - Gjuha ShqipeAmharic - አማርኛArabic - العربية, Al'arabīyahAzerbaijani - AzərbaycancaBosnian - BosanskiEnglish - EnglishFinnish - SuomiGreek - ΕλληνικάCroatian - HhvatskiNorthern Kurdish - كوردی (Kurdî)Pashto - پښتوPersian - فارسی FarsiRussian - Русский языкSerbia - Српски, SrpskiSomali - of soomaaliSpanish - EspañolSwedishSouthern Kurdish - كوردی (Kurdî)Tigrinya - ትግርኛ, TIGRESSTurkish - TürkçeWhat's in the dictionaries?In addition to the lookup word dictionaries contain information on pronunciation, inflection, word classes and translation. Usually, there is also the grammar comments, glossary, style comments, factual content, grammatical constructions and language example.UppslagsordSpread The mold normally consists of a single word, but can also be a longer term, especially in compound verbs (eg like) and samhällsord (such as legal aid). Uppslagsord consisting of compounds are separated by vertical bars. This marking is primarily to shorten its paradigm indication and should not be viewed as a whole the split in composition leads. Words are to be followed by an alternative form usually have the same pronunciation but different spelling, e.g. scarf or shawl. Note that the pronunciation and bending applies spreads the word rather than the alternative form.PronunciationLexin was originally developed for use in immigrant education, ie of people to learn Swedish. This means that the pronunciation entries are only available for Swedish words.LengthLong sound denoted by colon immediately after the long sound, eg scald [²sk'al: a] and scale [²sk'a: la]QualityRegarding the vowels, the colon also denote quality, eg food [ma: t] and Matt [Food:]pitch accentOnly grave is discontinued. It is marked with a raised second place in front of the word (see examples below Height above). Grave found in eg Buren (to wear) while the acute accent in the cage (the cage).PressureThe main pressure is marked by an apostrophe in front of the vowel in the stressed syllable, eg ABF [a: be: 'ef] and the idea [²'i: they]. Monosyllabic words, no such pressure mark except in expressions with verb + particle and reflexive verbs same writing, eg watching [tit: arp'å:] and give [j'ersej]. Bitryck the compositions can be inferred from the length of the selection. The last sustained sound gets bitryck, eg casting vote [²'u: TSLA: gsrös: t].The consonantsNo special symbols used [TJ], [self] and [ng], eg Twenty [²tj'u: give] and [²sj'ung: a]. The superconducting dental available in some dialects marked with an over stroke during the two segments, eg table [stay: r_d] children [ba: r_n] soon [for_t:] and thirst [tör_s: t].The vowelsThe different vowel sounds shown in the Examples:[A:] - said [said:] Sal [said I][A] - Hall [ha: l] said [thing: t] ATM [bangkom'a St.][E:] - ask [BE] know [ve: t][E] - consist [best'å:], wit [know:] drop [Error:][In:] - b [bi:], strainer [si: l][I] - herring [SIL] idea [id'e:][O:] - sun [so: l], row [RO][W] - RED [root:], cheese [os: t] subject [mot'i: v][U:] - boo [bu:] lus [LU][U] - bus [bus:], mustache [must'a: SJ][Y] - village [by:], awl [sewing: l][Y] - synonym [synonym], sill [awl:][A:] - go [go:] Goose [go] 's[A] - boy [²g'ås th], passed [GAT], Ombudsman [²'åm: boo: dsman:][A:] - beast [FA] seal [said I], carry [Ba: r][A] - mare [Mar], Lord [²h'är th][O:] - snow [snow:] cute [Sun: t] snow [snow: r][O] - lice [PW:] first [för_s: t] allocate [för_d'e: la]diphthongsDiphthongs are marked with the battle between the two vowel signs, such as automatic [a_otom'a St.]inflectionBending curved shapes of the words printed in its entirety. An exception is those compounds where the joints are separated by a vertical pipe - in such cases represented only by joint flexion, eg Karen | time o'clock. Words within normal curved parts of speech that for some reason lacks bending marked by inflexible.A quick offline Swedish dictionary, Dictionary and Glossary (!

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