Download App Segnaletica stradale dell'Italia: quiz sul CDS

Segnaletica stradale dell'Italia: quiz sul CDS

September 19, 2019
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Educational quiz on road signs in Italy. The app allows you to learn by playing the Italian road signs and signs. Our app will be useful for driving school students who are preparing for the theory exam, and also for experienced drivers who want to review the knowledge of the CDS (Highway Code).The advantages of the "Road signs: quiz on CDS" app:* Two game modes: quizzes with the choice of the correct answer and the "True / False" mode;* The signs are divided into categories: it is possible to select only the groups of road signs needed for training and play;* Three difficulty levels: in the quiz you can choose whether to show 3, 6 or 9 answer variations to complicate or, on the contrary, facilitate the quiz according to your level of preparation;* Statistics after each game: quiz shows the number of answers given with the percentage of correct answers;* The complete list of road signs from the last edition of 2020 with the possibility of searching;* The app works without Internet access;* The app is optimized for smartphones and tablets;* Simple and intuitive design.

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