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March 11, 2020
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This is the ultimate app for those who want to pass the knowledge test for B driver's license smoothly.We are so confident in our material that we dare say if you get approved on our final test you have a good chance of getting approved at the Swedish Transport Administration as well.✅ Contains all driving license questions you may need to pass the theory test.✅ Contains driver's license theory✅ Contains all road signs✅ Contains movies✅ Affordable, smooth and easy to useThe app contains over 1400st questions distributed on 23st different tests which are developed by experienced driver's license theory teachers with over 25 years of experience and which has helped hundreds of students pass the knowledge test on the first try.The questions are well-tested and designed to resemble the Swedish Transport Administration's knowledge test as much as possible. If you spend time practicing with our app, you will probably pass the theory test on the first try, but it is important that you do all the tests several times so that you understand each question before proceeding.The app is designed as a game with different modes to maximize your learning. When you do the tests and answer the questions, you get direct feedback on whether you have answered the right or wrong. It is scientifically proven that direct feedback will help you with your learning and your ability to remember the right answer the next time you raise the same question.We also have a timer function to increase your stress level so that you are used to answering tough questions under time pressure. This will help you tremendously when doing the real theory test.We have done our best to keep the price of the app down, but it is very difficult considering that the VAT is 25% and that the Google fee is 30%. We still believe that you will be very pleased with the app and the work that has been put into developing and maintaining it.📱 CONTENTS AND FEATURES 📱• 1,400+ driving license questions with clear explanations.• Three different types of test: free mode for test, timer and final test.• Adapted for both phones and tablets.• No monthly costs. No hidden fees. No advertisement.• Fast email support.Secure sourcesFacts are obtained from secure sources such as: The Swedish Transport Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Police, STR, NTF and the Driving License Portal.

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