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May 14, 2020
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MINIMATE THE COST OF YOUR CHURCH CARD!• Do more at home and less at school!• Plug theory wherever and whenever you want• Practice the same exercises at home as we do at the traffic school• Chat with our traffic instructor while drivingCUSTOMERS LOVE IT!• More than 1,000 new drivers per month use this app in their journey to the driving license!• In addition, in Stockholm and Uppsala, more than 50 new students per month carry out their driving license training, including driving lessons and courses.• Over 90% of all who master 800 or more of our questions are able to pass the knowledge test!WE STAND FOR QUALITY• The app was developed and owned by My Driving Academy, one of Sweden's fastest growing traffic schools and a member of STR• Developed and quality assured by licensed traffic instructors• Top rated by customers via RECO 4 years in a rowComplete the theory test! We have collected 1000 theory issues that are quality assured by our licensed traffic instructors and adapted to mimic the final Trafikverket test in both scope, time and approval requirements.Complete the driving test! But the uniqueness of this app is that we have also collected everything you need to handle the drive.Finally, a theory game where quality of the questions is quality assured by trained licensed traffic instructors and where you do not have to do the theory when you arrive at the traffic school.And with this app, we help you to get quality in your private practice drive that our traffic instructors then relinquish to minimize the number of lessons you need to drive at a traffic school.In addition, the My Driving Academy is just a click away when you need to complete your education with the compulsory courses or professional traffic teacher training. You simply choose just one city, teacher and time that suits you and you have Sweden's most modern traffic school at your side.Treat yourself to having My Driving Academy on your side, whether you want to take your driving license at home or at the school.-----------------------------THE APP CONTAINS:• 1000 theoretical questions with explanations• Free test of 3 full practice tests• Possibility to purchase for an unlimited number of exercises• The same structure as the Swedish Transport Administration's theory test (number of questions, time, division of questions, requirement level)• Automatic follow-up of "Done" questions• Automatic follow-up of "Mastering" questions (= done 2 consecutive times)• Go back and review answered questions• Statistics on the number of completed tests and average results• Automatic update of your theoretical status to your traffic instructor• Book Career course and Risk1 course• Book driving lessons and packages• Pay with Klarna checkout including payment• Calendar of all your previous, existing and upcoming bookings• Chat with support at My Driving Academy• Chat with your traffic instructor at My Driving Academy-----------------------------Get started with your driving license NOW! Use the "My Driving Card" app to ensure that you can manage your driving license in the easiest and most efficient way without paying too much!-----------------------------Always quality assured and current!All the theory questions have been created by licensed traffic instructors. The app is undergoing ongoing updates and adjustments to be constantly up-to-date and accurate.-----------------------------Welcome to us at My Driving Academy!

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