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Shiksha - The Learning App For CBSE, ICSE & More


April 8, 2020
Last Release

learning app by Shiksha is India’s first and only mobile learning app that helps school students earn their school fee while learning - Implemented with school-administration, academic management, learning for CBSE - ICSE students, parent-teacher communication, news, Rewards and much more. learning app: Shiksha offersInstant CommunicationOnline School Fees payment and managementDigital AttendanceDigital HomeworkMark-sheetsOnline Learning for CBSE, ICSE & morelearning app offer premium learning for school and individual :● Videos Learning mapped to syllabus for schools● Performance Analytics – Track your child’s progress for different subjects● Awesome practice modules● Rewards for learning that helps pay school fee● General knowledge game that keep you updated● Parents app with connectivity between school and teachers● Many more top e-learning solutionsA learning app by Shiksha. Go pay your school fee.. Download the app

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