Download App تعلم اللغة الفارسية للمبتدئين بالصوت والصورة

تعلم اللغة الفارسية للمبتدئين بالصوت والصورة


February 3, 2020
Last Release

Learning the Persian language for beginners from scratch with sound and image is the easiest way to memorize and acquire new words in the Persian language. The best courses for teaching the entire Persian language, you can learn the Swiss language quickly and easily during these lessons because we only know what you need to learn from the important vocabulary and famous expressions.Learn the Persian language with us with ease. Arabic Persian translation without the InternetHow to teach yourself the Persian language and speak it fluentlyWe show in this application all the lessons of the Persian language teaching course and the beautiful in the application that it works without the Internet and its space on the phone is very small compared with what it holds of information, rules and lessons in the Persian language, so if you are interested in learning the Persian language then this is your chance because the application in Its trial period is free and it may become paid in the next time. If you are one of the first to download an application, you will benefit from it for free for life and you will receive all updates, which will include the new in the rules and many lessons and new levels in addition to learning Persian nowadays has become necessary and that is what Swiss can provide for everyone who knows Persian And that is by traveling and working there and now I leave you with the many application properties, but for not distracting your attention we mentioned a few of them which will show you the true strength of the application.Application features and advantages:• - It works on Android devices with good design.• - Arabic-Persian translation without the Internet, which will make you able to understand quickly.• - Displaying sentences and words in Persian and in Arabic.• - Voice lessons to learn the correct pronunciation of the Persian language.• - Grammar lessons• - Daily and very important phrases• - You can learn Persian in a week without a teacher• - Clarity in picture and sound•- easy to use• - It is small in size• - Free and works without internet.The application for learning the Persian language is divided into several sections, as follows:-- family members-- HousewaresCommon Verbs- Greetings-- Human Characteristics-- Clothing-- directione-- Nature-- the animalsThe human bodyPronouns-- Colors-- week days-- In the restaurant-- MonthsOccupationsCommon words between Farsi and Farsi- Basic numbers- Arrange numbers- Persian time vocabularyThe application is updated from time to time, please positive evaluation in order to encourage the application and we hope you spend a fun time learning the Persian language!

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