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August 21, 2018
Last Release

This Lao-Thai translator is your close friend when you need to use translation service. This free Lao-Thai translator will help you to translate very easily from Lao to Thai and from Thai to Lao. With its easy function, you can translate words, phrases and even sentences just in a second. Free Lao-Thai translator is very useful in terms of daily life, traveling and other many purposes of daily life. If you go to travel, don’t forget to take this free translator app with you. This free Lao-Thai translator is also very helpful for students and easy to use with simple interface. Lao-Thai free translator contains following features stated below:-Free translation from Lao to Thai-Free translation from Thai to Lao-Easy translation by using your voice-Hear out translated text-Copy text from other app to clipboard and translate to selected language-Simple, easy and user-friendly interface-Input text by recording your voice, quick and easy recognize to translate-Helpful for learning language-Simple interface with great translation service-Can be use as dictionary service-Supports people to communicate in hard timeThank you for using our application. Please let us know if anything we can do to improve better!

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