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December 25, 2018
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Alaa to dictate a distinct educational application to strengthen the rules of dictation of the Arabic language and help our children to learn quickly and easily and pleased in a fun and amusing way that supports the application of the principle of self-dictation. The application can also be used to record water in an external piece or dictate a short story, simple words or difficult sentences. Although the application is intended for Arabic, the spelling feature can be used to train English spelling as well as memorizing weekly spelling words.The application offers Arabic water drills for children in the following sections:1. Medium Hamza water2. T-tethered water and open water3. Water connection and cutting nut (hub, cut nut)4. Water Hamza (Hamza on tone, extreme Hamza on WoW)5. Extreme moisture water6. Water a thousand soft7. Water in tannin (open tannin, tannin combination, tannin break)8. Water in the reservoir9. Water F. Community10. Watering the hardened letters11. Non-solar and lunar water12. Water characters write and do not utter13. To dictate letters and not to writeThe application offers three types of dictation for children:1. Watering words2. Camel water3. Water piece (cut, paragraph, subject, lesson, external)The application offers different levels of dictation:1. Simple2. Average3. Hard waterThe application can be used in both perspective and perspective dictation1. Water perspective2. Unintended waterCustom app for:1. Water the first row Kindergarten (first year Kindergarten)2. First grade water (first year primary)3. Second grade water (second year primary)4. Water third grade (third year primary)5. Water fourth grade (fourth year primary)6. Water the fifth grade (fifth year primary)7. Water of sixth grade (sixth year)8. Water of the seventh grade (seventh year)

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