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February 4, 2020
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My School Books Online application is the largest library and educational application. The curriculum in Saudi Arabia provides free services for teachers, students and parents and provides educational and enrichment materials and comprehensive solutions that include:> Curriculum Books New Edition direct view and download.> Curriculum solutions Books and activities for all subjects and grade levels.Curriculum Preparation.> Distribute the entire curriculum updated for the current year.> Worksheets for all stages.> Student follow-up records.> Sample tests and questions bank.> Reviews and summaries of the articles.> Presentations.> An explanation of the lessons.> Teacher guide.> Measurement includes capabilities test, computerized abilities models, teacher proficiency testing, measurement tests, achievement testMy book application is expanding greatly and includes a lot of scientific material added daily and all of that is presented in a simplified, organized and very smooth manner and free for all.Study levels included (currently):Elementary: The first primary The second primary The third primary The fourth primary The fifth primary The sixth primaryMedium: First medium, second average, third averageSecondary: Natural Sciences, Humanities, Common Path, and Elective CoursesQuarterly and include legal and administrative scienceAnd work is being done to add kindergarten and adult education.Requirements for the application to operate efficiently:Make sure to update your device system to the latest version, knowing that the application needs a device with average specifications to work well. If you find difficulties in operating, please try from another device with better hardware specifications.Have a problem and want to solve it? Connect with usThrough email:[email protected] account: channel policy of use

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