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February 23, 2019
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Are you a student? You do not know how the exam review? You fear a low score, flunked? You are afraid to face with your friends, parents when they know the results? You worry about large sums of money to improve the points test again? Or simply you want a refresher efficient? You want friends admired for the high score? You want a high GPA to easy job. Hocthongminh for your own app.Content:- General questions exam last year, documents outside as well as the internet. You do not need money to buy or download documents from anywhere anymore. We did that for you.- Guides in the subjects in detail.- Continuously updated to new questions, resources, slides for you.Key features of the app include:- Wenzhou train and do exercises with answers attached.- The test Mini test and full test helps evaluate the refresher.- Review the questions you've done wrong.- Feature commentary, marks, skip, to respond to each question.- Features new translation of words in question from English to Vietnamese with English lessons.- Have learning care team helps you answer these tough questions.- The process of your review in practice be saved on the server and synchronization between the mobile and the web version Excellent moreover, are exam review course is for free, you just start practicing from today.All contributions, questions, contact please contact:Mail: [email protected]:

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