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Korean Letter - Learn Hangul Korean Alphabet


April 10, 2020
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Starting to learn Korean Hangul? Should Start from Hangul Korean Alphabet Pronunciation with Basic Korean Consonants and Korean Vowels.Hangul Korean Alphabet Pronunciation is the the most effective app for mastering Hangul Korean Consonants and Korean Vowels.Learn the Hangul Korean Alphabet Pronunciation Hangul with visual and verbal mnemonic. Learn Hangul Korean Alphabet Pronunciation with romanization and audio pronunciation in Korean Letter.Features* 24 Basic Korean Consonants and Korean Vowels in Korean Letter.* 140 Syllables with all syllables structure format in Korean Letter.* 164 Korean Letter with transliteration* Free Audio Pronunciation in Korean Letter.* 900+ Korean phrases pronounce by native speaker.Hangul Korean Alphabet Pronunciation is free!The most effective way to learn Korean is to repeat Korean phrase and vocabularies whenever you do.With this app, you can learn how to speak Korean in 24 hours!Features:* 900+ common Korean words and phrases included, each with native speaker audio.* Every words and phrase with translation pronunciation and transliteration.* You can play Korean phrase and vocabularies when the app in background.* No internet connection required.CATEGORIES:- Greetings- Basic- Numbers- Time- Introduction- Conversation- Plan&Suggest- Restaurant- Dining- Travel- Going&Coming- Traffic&Going out- Direction- Questions- Request- Prohibition&Command- Hobbies- Daily Activities- Health- Weather- Hotel- Shopping- Money- Person- Love&Dating- Work- Study- Adjective&Preposition

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