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December 5, 2018
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Knowledgehook is a free 3-in-1 suite of formative assessment tools that is a must-have app for math teachers, students, and parents. Its online math curriculum recognizes student error patterns and provides teachers with targeted and proven strategies to resolve issues quickly and effectively.- GameShow generates lively discussion and creates teaching opportunities at every turn. Teachers receive insights of where each students is struggling, and have multiple opportunities to view and discuss their thinking.- Missions allows teachers to assign self-paced practice for students, which includes digital stars, leagues and badges and ships actual math pennants, certificates and medals to schools as students complete the standards-aligned content.- Paper Mode allows teachers to instantly gauge student thinking using an interactive paper-based experience for students that does not require internet or student devices.Key Features:• Built-in curriculum• Capture student thinking with uploaded solutions• Targeted remediation strategies sent to teachers when students struggle• Rewarding for students: levelling up, three-star system and more• Class tracking and classroom managementWinner of the Game Changer Award from Google

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