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타요콘 - 타요 아바타 놀이동화


December 19, 2019
Last Release

★ Attendance Check Event ★10 candy free every day when you run the app! (Midnight)★ Candy Pass Flat Ticket Purchase ★-Unlimited use of play fairy tale photo zone!-Over 200 outfits and 8 themes available!  (However, costumes and themes will be automatically deleted when you cancel your pass.)-Note: Candy Pass is a subscription product, so after a month of payment, it will be automatically paid again.-However, if you cancel your subscription immediately after purchase, Candy Pass will be maintained for one month (30 days).-You can cancel your subscription directly from Google Play.★ Pororokon and Avatar slots linked! ★-Slots purchased from Pororocon is automatically applied when running.-Share your avatar face like Pororocon.If you have any questions, please send an email to help@kiglestudio.comWe will answer. (Within 1 business day)Please contact us by e-mail as the telephone may not be connected.(Phone hours: 10 am to 12 pm / 1:30 am to 7 pm)* Phone: 070 7333 3333★ Permission description (required) ★-Audio recording permission: Required for character voice setting.-Camera and file access permissions: Required for character face setup.-Address Book and Call Status Permissions: Required for payment and management of subscriptions and packaged goods.

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