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Learning the ABC


October 2, 2016
Last Release

The greatest app for teaching your children not only the ABC, but also to read and write basic words.With the free "Learn ABC" in the app menu, your child will learn the sounds of letters, matching words and images.For each letter we prepared 3 images and words, you can open the additional 2 words/images so your child vocabulary will become rich. Kids like to play more than learning in early ages, So we developed 5 additional games making it funny to your child to increase the learning progress and vocabulary!With this games he will play : 1- Pronounced letters - your child will pop the balloons with the pronounced letter - that is funny !! 2- Reorder letters, he will help the farmer to re order the alphabets in the correct order. 3- Match small with Capital - he will help our farmer to match letters.. 4- Guess the Pic, will learn to recognize written words by images 5- Guess the Word, after your child learned the letters and words, this is the time to learn writing and assembling word letter.All games includes vocal instructions, to enable him use it without the need of your help.Your child will collect many presents after completing each round in games.You get all this for free!! but the games are limited for a set of letters and only one image for letter.So If you found it is useful, you can open the additional locked letters.We are continuing to develop this app, and what you pay now for (3 images for letter) package, will include future additional images.

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