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August 18, 2018
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Muslim Card ApplicationIs a Muslim card applications supporting 3D AR cards that teach Muslims about Islam and its worship to the child through your mobile phone, using Augmented Reality technology to bring animation and sound card.Muslim Card series are available:Movement series WuduPrayer Movement SeriesDaily Prayer SeriesWorship Series RamadanSeries Rituals of Hajj & UmrahSeries Attitude PraisedAll prayer is equipped with attractive animations and explanations as well as Arabic literature and translation. God willing, your child will quickly memorize and practice it. Available in Indonesian and English.features:Arabic literature and translationText selection of Indonesian and EnglishSound Options Indonesian and English3D animations are cute and charmingInteresting card for Collection ** Message Muslims card and stores your favorite online▶ Talk About Muslim Card, What Is a Muslim card?Muslim card is a card or cards Educational Intelligent Learning, which later with the card, we can provide the ordinances of worship and education in Islam is good and right.▶ Then? What is the difference? What advantages of this card?In contrast to other learning methods which typically use the guide, with this card, we can directly study Islamic education directly via phone / Smartphone that we have.How ??? Liat Video Above Ya ...A time BEFORE FURTHER READING WATCH VIDEO! IF ALREADY, LET'S GO!How? Extraordinary is not it? TIMES HAVE CHANGED! Already Modern, all-powerful, depending on how we leverage the power, if we want to take advantage of positive, or negative.Just simply scan the Muslim card with this application, the child - the child can be directly studied Islamic education with 3D characters are cute and adorable. And Surely Children Very Liked this, by having a sense of Love, of course, whatever you want to learn will definitely be easily mastered. What are you waiting for ?Messages Muslim card in

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