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GodKänt teoriprov på svenska


April 20, 2020
Last Release

Approved in SwedishGodKänt is designed for those who are going to take Swedish B-Driving license, it contains latest theory questions in Swedish and it summarizes everything you need to know about the theory test in an easy way to understand and practiceWith this app you can test yourself and have the result when you are done, you will be able to see how many questions you answered correctly, incorrectly and questions you left with no answer and thus you get to know how good you are in theory test※ App features:* Press the right mark to show the right answer* Press on photos to zoom them* Save questions to favorite list* Report any question you suspect* You can skip any question by pressing next* Show the time you are spending on test* End the test at any point you want* When choosing the wrong answer the app will automatically mark it in red and mark the right one in greenWe update our apps frequently so make sure to keep up to date to take advantage of all new questions, features and bug fixesGood luck :)

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