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Smart Notify - Dialer, SMS & Notifications

Milan Vyšata

April 4, 2020
Last Release

Fully functional with Android 10How to hide service notification in Android 8 and above: you have problem with delay after select number detail on some phones then try in Settings/Special settings turn on item Disable MMS in listsNote: Smart Notify is not a full replacement for messaging applications because it does not support sending MMS messages. The setting as the default message application needs to be deleted and partly for sending messages- dialer with fast T9 search- added change of color of the phone LED on notifications from other applications- quick reply option in popup window for applications which supports this feature- Dual SIM support on Android 5.1 systems and higher, see it on: here- displays incoming MMS- smartwatches support (reminder, full battery notification)- car mode with speakerphone and auto turn on display and reading messages- now with automatic speech support in popup window (reading sms, missed calls...) (long press on speak button)- sending SMS in selected time- advanced SMS and calls manager with popup window notification with reminder for SMS, calls, events and apps WhatsApp, Google+, Facebook and many others.- displays pending calls and sms- length of ringing in missed calls- LED flash for incoming call or SMS in silent profile- notifications for full charged battery, loss or detected GSM (wifi) signal and when you disconnect the charging- Smart vibrations - if you have a new message or a missed call, your phone when removed from the pocket vibrates or turn display on- automatic display lights or vibration when moving the phone if the phone was previously at rest in a horizontal position- blocks unwanted calls and text messages- mute ringing with hand on phone (on devices with proximity sensor) - covering the phone or by turning down will mute ringer and vibration- adding SMS or missed calls to calendar- the possibility to reject calls from hidden numbersand many other featuresThis app uses Accessibility services.

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