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May 13, 2020
Last Release

One out of three uses Kivra. Experience peace of mind with digital mail and receipts, with Kivra you get all your important mail digitally instead of in the regular mailbox. Now you can also get receipts in Kivra - free, safe and good for the environment! What can you get in Kivra?Avoid paper in your mailbox! In Kivra you can get mail such as the income declaration, invoices, credit information and salary specifications. The only thing you need to do is register and then you will automatically receive your mail digitally from the authorities and connected companies that you are already a customer of. Fast, smooth and sorted! More than 20,000 senders send mail through Kivra and new senders are continuously joining, which means that you gradually will receive more of your mail digitally. What receipts can you get in Kivra?Receipts in Kivra were launched in February 2020. Read more at Pay invoices with one clickSkip the hassle of entering the payment receiver, payment date and amount! With Kivra's payment service you can easily pay invoices with one click. You get a good overview of the invoice and can then register the invoice for payment directly in Kivra so that the money is delivered to the recipient on the due date. Mail on your terms!You get a push notification when you get new mail in Kivra, wherever you are. If there is a sender you would rather receive paper mail from, you can choose to disconnect the sender when logged in to Kivra under Settings. Read more about Kivra at

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