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Wonder Stick Girl Vice town Gangster Crime

Jack Hammer Studios

July 30, 2019
Last Release

Are you fan of Ultimate Stickman superhero games? Fulfill the dream of being a real stickman girl gangster crime ropes hero, use your special powers to Complete the missions as a real stickman mafia crime hero. Escape from Police cars and stop gangster from criminal activity, wandering in the city go and defeat them with your powerful kicks and punches for the sake of superhero City Rescue. Fly free above the superhero mafia city with your rope and magnificent flips. Your finest weapons are rope, super kick and your dangerous eye lasers. Now you are able to stand against the global crime.You are fighting the wonder Super stick women battle for survival against mafia and stickman police, in the meantime some real gangster gangs have also concerns against your presence in crime city. Play a big role as mech super stick girl warrior to defeat Crime Mafia evil sticks and shadow bosses with special powers of Grand Stickman Rope Hero.Let start your battle against crime as legendary fighter and Newyork superhero. Wonder Stick Girl Rope Hero Gangster Crime is a fighting combat game where you will play the role of crime fighter and professional fighter to take control over act of violence. Use your speed of light running and super human powers in this future battle and start city rescue missions. So get yourself ready to take part in deep combat mission, follow your own rules of fight and play as brave fighter.Wonder Stick women VS City Criminal fight features:• Fascinating stickman crime fight• Courageous super stick girl battle• Stickman hero with powerful weapon • Amazing stickman city mafia fight• Mesmerizing stickman Gameplay• First ever wonder Stick women battle • Incredible combo attacks • Multiple levels with different obstacles!• Real stickman gangster game• Exciting 3D action game

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