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May 8, 2019
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Radioapan's berth tree is an app for children from Children's Radio, Sweden's RadioRadioapan is the children's radio mascot and a really nice friend. He lives in a tree house in the Sagos forest and loves radio and sound.In Radioapans tree you can:- Listen to fairy tales and songs from Children's Radio- Decorate Radioapan's hut with Emmot- Pick bananas with Radioapan's flying mat (new!)- Feed birds with the sound monster- Light with flashlight and find hidden things (new!)- Discover all the animals around the tree"Radioapan's bunk tree" is adapted for the youngest children, 2-7 years, with lots of sound and animation. Even those who cannot read can play and have fun with Radioapan. The app is also great to use together.The app is designed in collaboration with children and carefully tested so that it should be both fun and easy to use. The focus is on being able to listen to children's radio in a cozy environment and playing with Radioapan and his friends.Radioapan's world with its friendly atmosphere and colorful graphics is well known to many children and parents. In the app "Radioapans banankalas" and on the Children's Radio website you can hear more programs from Children's Radio and Radioapan ( All Children's Radio programs are also available in the Swedish Radio Play app."Radioapan's berth tree" is free and there are no in-app purchases (no in-app purchases). Once you have downloaded the fairy tales and songs, they are in the app and you do not need to be connected to listen.Welcome to Radioapan's berth!About Sweden Radio:Swedish Radio is the advertising-free and independent radio in the public service.© Copyright Sweden RadioNote:Games-like apps often require phones and tablets with a fast processor and plenty of memory. This also applies to "Radioapan's berth tree". Here's what we recommend for the app to work well:- Phone or tablet with Android 4.1 and above.- Phone or tablet with fast processor and properly with memory.If you have a phone with a slower processor or some memory, the app will also be slower.

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