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Pin Circle

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February 11, 2020
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Pin Circle is a free and easy casual game, it can accompany you to spend boring time. This game screen is simple, a twisty wheel in the center, and a balls(arrows) stack in the bottom, players need to launch balls to the twisty wheel one by one, but must not touch others. As the game going, the ball will be more and more, up to 100 balls, the wheel may twist quickly or slowly, this game become harder. If you launch all the balls stack, you win and the screen color switch to green, otherwise the screen color switch to red.♥ AddictiveWith a large number of unique levels and plenty of variations, Pin Circle will leave you wanting for more. Test yours skills, as the game gets more challenging with every level.♥ SimpleThe Pin Circle is simple! Just touch the screen to launch off the dots / needles / balls and avoid touching other dots / needles / balls on the circle / ball. Simple Pin Circle!♥ LiteThe game is very lightweight, only 2M, taking up half as much phone memory as other games!♥ ShareShare your Pin Circle results on Facebook , Whatsapp , Messenger ,Twitter and any other social app with your friends! Let's set dots together!Try Pin Circle to challenge the limits of your reaction!Try Pin Circle to train your brain to think fast!Contact us:Email:

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