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Talking Pet

February 21, 2020
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Talk to the Talking Dogs. The cute dog answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Maybe you like dog and puppy super, super want to keep one as a pet, but can not do so intolerable family or roommates,or too busy to care them. Now we have Talking Dogs. This is a very smart dog. He likes to run and jump, like to play game with you to find the ball. Of course, the bone is his first choice.Hope these dogs can accompany you to have an exciting time.Enjoy the cute pet city and dogs that live there! You will collect dogs, train them to level them up and send them to quests for exciting in-game rewards! If you like these dogs, share them with your friends, your parents, lovers, oh we must ensure that they like dogs as you like them.TALK TO DOG★ Talk to dog and dog will repeat after you.★ Laugh out loud at dog’s funny voice.★ Talking with sheepdogs, dachshunds, dalmatian and other dogs.★ Share funny picture with your friends.PLAY WITH DOG★ Ah, bones, dog want.★ Touch the dog to make him happy.★ Where is the ball, find it and play with dog.★ Let dog to sleep.★ Puppy playing color ball.★ Poke or slap dog's face, belly and feet.★ More than 8 dogs to collect and more to come.★ Collect Doberman, Dachshund, Greyhound and more dogs.Talking Dogs is a free game. Willing Talking Dogs accompany you to spend a happy time. Download now and start having fun with cute pets!

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