Download Game 🤴✂️Royal Tailor Shop 2 - Prince Clothing Boutique

🤴✂️Royal Tailor Shop 2 - Prince Clothing Boutique

Tap Happy

January 18, 2020
Last Release

Do you want to be the hair of this century-old tailor shop? Do you want to be a master tailor to make clothes for princes? In this fascinating game, you will learn how to make clothes step by step, design customized clothes for your clients, run the tailor shop and expand your business. Features:🧵 Do the measurement for your clients🧵 Choose fabric and cut it to proper size🧵 All kinds of accessories and buttons to put on 🧵 Put on delicate clothes for the waitress 🧵 Keep the tailor shop clean and tidy Take a gorgeous photo of your masterpiece and share it with your friends and family.

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