Download Game 🛠️🧹Home Makeover - Fix It

🛠️🧹Home Makeover - Fix It

Tap Happy

March 6, 2020
Last Release

Your house needs you to repair!!! Daddy and mommy are not at home. But something goes wrong with the house. Would you like to be a little repairman to fix problems in the house? Clean bathroom, fix TV, and save kitchen! Let’s do a makeover to the house!🛠️ Repair broken mirror, toilet🚽 and washbasin🛁 in bathroom🛠️ Repair the TV📺, piano and aquarium in living room🛠️ Repair the sofa🛋️, lamp and picture🖼️ in the study 🛠️ Repair the cupboard, fridge and chairs in kitchen 🛠️ Repair the cabinet, bed🛏️ in bedroomRepair broken things in the house! Enjoy the pleasure of being a repairman.

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