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Dream Doll Factory: Princess Toy Maker Game

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August 30, 2019
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Be a doll maker, designer and makeover artist in dream doll factory games. Make adorable and glamorous dolls to play for little girls. Princess Hurry up! Enter the doll making boutique! A giant factory which look like a luxury dollhouse with amazing magic and rainbow colorful decorations. Work like a factory worker and manager to make, decorate and makeover multiple beauty dolls with customization according to customer’s order. You can make anything you dream of, even it’s a cartoon figure or cute animal in this wonder factory game. Now play this real factory simulator to experience the amazing fashion doll maker and dress up with designer dresses.You can build, design and decorate toy doll with glowing makeup, boutique clothes and hairstyles in this doll games for girls. To build the doll you first need to melt the plastic then pour it multiple body parts molds. Cool down the plastic and takeout the parts from molds for making and doll decoration. Assemble the dolls using factory machine and build a whole structure. Now unleash your designer and builder skills to dress up and makeover the fashion girly dolls.Girls Dress up the dolls with designer dresses and trendy clothes. Choose the garments for the doll from big range of jeans, wedding dresses, party wear, shirts and skirts. Dollhouse closet is full of best dresses. Dress designer choose the best outfit for the princess doll to wear. Girls after dressing now makeover the model doll with candy lipstick, nail polish, makeup kit and groom it.Dream doll factory games allow you to be the best designer, barber and hair stylist. Make adorable and classy hairstyles like in hair salon. This best factory game and dress up game for girls is full of entertaining and creative activities. After completing all factory process pack the beauty dolls in the boxes and seal the boxes with machines. Transport the packed girly dolls to supermarket, shopping malls and stores.Download this doll maker factory game and have fun time.

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